Monday, June 21, 2010

Books About the Gulf of Mexico

I guess I wasn't the only one to go looking for books about the Gulf of Mexico. I ordered this book from Amazon, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico by Jen Green. It is now on backorder.

This is a 48-page paperback currently priced at $14.05. While I appreciate the color photographs, I do wish there was more about the marine life in the gulf. With everything going on there right now, that was my primary reason for purchasing the book. I want to be sure that we appreciate what was there.

The chapters of this book include: Physical Features, Climate and Currents, Marine Life, People and Settlements, Transporation and Communication, Resources, and the Environment and the Future. The book gives a nice overview of all topics concerning the area and is a nice reference in that regard. However, I'm still searching for a book that adequately covers the marine life of the area.

Caribbean Sea And Gulf of Mexico (Oceans and Seas) is available at Amazon.

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